Things to do in Cergy-Pontoise

Hello Cergy-Pontoise! You are such a beautiful place, and so close to Paris!




Tourism in Cergy-Pontoise is not yet developed, and few know that in less than 50 minutes from Paris, settles a bohemian city where French air feels stronger than ever!


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The effervescence of this city which throughout the year hosts plenty of festivals, boasts the title of ‘Ville d’Art et d’Histoire’

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…having a strong cultural and historical heritage, reflected in the architectural style of the buildings, museums and the majestic Saint-Maclou Pontoise Cathedral, built in the Renaissance style and the cobbled streets where you’ll get lost, stopping at one of the stylish cafés and boulangeries, while sipping a cup of coffee along with the famous butter croissant!

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Eating out in Pontoise-Cergy?

Discovering Cergy – Pontoise?



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