Best Culinary Destinations

The discovery of the best culinary destinations began since the time when Europeans traveling in China or India, were bringing condiments and spices in their cities. In every city where you arrive, beyond the beauty of the places that you want to discover, you also feel the need to taste some of the best culinary specialties of that place. Let’s discover together the mysteries of the best culinary destinations!



Let us begin our journey through France – Paris – The City of Lights is for centuries a symbol of quality cuisine and some of the best chefs in the world (Alain Ducasse, Joël Robuchon, Alain Passard), continues the tradition of French cuisine in luxurious restaurants.
But what makes Paris one of the best culinary destinations is its ………………………….

Lake Baikal – The blue jewel of Siberia

The Holy Lake Baikal in southern Siberia East is the largest reservoir of fresh water in the world. It has a Capacity of 23,000 m3 and is considered 20% of the world’s water. Lake Baikal exists about 30 million years and although scientists are trying to guess the mysteries, the Holy lake Baikal keeps hidden its secrets.


Lake Baikal in Siberia is a Holy sea for the Siberian nation. Olkon Island is holding the magically sanctuary of the Buryats, living on the shores of the Lake Baikal Holy see, practicing a kind of …….

2015 Travel Resolutions Tips

Our 2015 Travel Resolutions List

I’m pretty sure you think about the new travel resolutions that you have to do in 2015! For this, all you need is … inspiration…followed by determination, as you can find the best ways to achieve your travel Resolutions for 2015!


Whether you’re shy at the beginning of the road and a longer vacation gives you trouble, your budget is tight and free time is a problem, you should clean up your life and put on paper a title that certainly will have a good impact for you in the New Year: Which are my Travel Resolutions for 2015?! Simple question, important answer! The key to any New Year’s travel resolution is to adapt the trip to your personal style, to your goals and always look ahead, but still enjoying the present. I could give you an idea of what I mean, hoping that my ideas will help you as well they helped me to set my travel resolution for 2015!

#1 Choose places where you feel in your element is the main factor to keep in …………..

World-famous Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

The famous Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen are an amusement park, opened in 1843, and one of the most important in Europe, being the second oldest amusement parks in the world, after Bakken – which is only 10 minutes drive north of Copenhagen.


The famous Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen are more than just a theme park, being one of the most popular entertainment complexes in the world! Tivoli Gardens is ……………………………

Vaadhoo Island Maldives – The Sea of Stars

Blue sand and waves in a starry night are giving you the impression that the stars are resting on the ground in all their splendour.


Thus, it shapes a scene drawn from stories or an enchanting process that happens in reality: Sea of Stars, Vaadhoo Island, a small island south of Male Atoll and one of the inhabited islands of Raa Atoll in the Maldives. The island is famous for……………………………………

First Countries to Celebrate the New Year

The religious establishment of the date of January 1 as the beginning of the year was held for the

first time in 1691 and was made by Pope Innocent XII. Before this time, on Christmas was the

beginning of the New Year, while for many ancient peoples in the northern hemisphere, the year

was beginning on 1 March.


In the following let’s see the first 15 countries in the world going into year 2015 :

Samoa (Apia), Kiribati – Kiritimati, Apia, Salelologa (Savai’i), enters in the ………………………..

Best Smartphone Travel Apps

Is it The Smartphone an Essential Tool for Travelling? Can we find the best Smartphone Travel Apps? Definitely yes!

For some of us is so difficult to break up the phone, even when traveling, which is quite understandably, especially lately, when the Smartphone has become an essential tool for traveling. Not only it helps us get in touch with those at home, but using its smart travel applications, we are able to plan, organize or communicate in real time all the details of our holiday. In the following, we will find the best Smartphone travel apps, designed to help us in our future travels.


1. Planning your trip, the choice of your destination, hotel booking and tickets can be done easily by accessing your Smartphone, through its best smartphone travel applications such as:





2. Organizing the trip: Tripit helps you plan the itinerary, giving you all the information you need during your trip, being one of the ……………………….

Being Home For Christmas?

Being home for Christmas can be an excellent choice for some and less pleasant for others. Some go abroad to reunite with their families, while others can’t stay with their families, because for any reasons, they are unable to travel during Christmas. In the opposite plan, are people who can travel during the holiday season, but rather prefer a Christmas holiday away from home. Anyway, let’s remember that Christmas has a deeper meaning than rustle around, tourism offers, discounts or the media templates present everywhere. Nothing compares with the winter holidays spent in the arms of your family.


Being with your family is the ideal moment to recharge your batteries!

Lose yourself in the smell of cookies coming from your mother’s kitchen, pretend you like your father’s jokes and stay lazy listening to carols. If you go to visit your children, try to relax and be amazed by the new achievements of your children, without being so harsh on your son’s wife! :-) Leave aside any trace of antipathy and do so as to reach a common ground with your family members, making this event a cause for joy, not stress! Even if you are a guest or host, do not panic too much with preparations for home or outfit, because often is no need that everything to be shiny, but rather original and …………………………………………………………………