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Malmo was my first city where I came on the largest and thrilling bridge rail in Europe – Oresund Bridge! The experiences of driving practically on the water is absolutely amazing, looking around you and seeing in all parts only the vast and narrow Strait of Öresund! Fabulous! Too bad my shots where lost…


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Now, let’s have a little chat about Malmo, an international city, the third largest city in Sweden – Malmö is the southernmost, being separated from the Danish capital, Copenhagen, only by the narrow Strait of Öresund, the access between the two cities is facilitated by the Oresund, the longest bridge rail and road traffic in Europe, whose construction is designed to ensure the connection between Sweden and Denmark.

Malmo Central Station

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No doubt, Malmo is the kind of city that offers all you need, dedicated to children, young people but also for those of an admirable age. Malmo is the meeting place where are all for everyone, so come and discover a city extremely interesting!

Malmo’s beautiful windmills

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Malmo’s wonderful parks

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With beautiful pedestrian zones, where walking can be combined with a shopping session, in Malmo you’ll  see from the biggest brands to tiny chic shops, concept stores equipped with high quality products, often expensive but also with quite substantial discounts.

You can start walking from Stortorget and head towards Triangeln, via Sodergatan, Gustav Adolfs Torg, Sodertull and Sodra Forstadsgatan, all arteries enjoying lovely restaurants and cafes.

Some of the shopping centres: Emporia in Hyllie – which is the largest; Hansa, Entré, Storgatan, Caroli – in centre of Malmo Triangeln; Jägersro Center – on the outskirts of Malmö.

Some of the supermarkets: Netto, Lidl, Willys, ICA.

DSC_0813 DSC_0814DSC_0875 DSC_0815

A trip to Copenhagen? On that fabulous Oresund bridge? 

There’s nothing simpler than this! You have two options: the cheaper one is using the BUS 999, which runs between Malmö-Copenhagen each hour during the day (no traffic on Sundays). The bus stops at different places in Malmö, such as the Concert Hall and Södervärn and in Copenhagen at Kastrup and at the Town Hall Square. The price for one single ticket is 100:- SEK (11 EUR), and the trip takes about 40 minutes.

The second option is taking the train across the famous Oresund Bridge. The train cross the Oresund Bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen’s central stations 24 hours a day; every 20 minutes during the day and once per hour from 11pm–6am. The journey takes 35 minutes and you can buy your tickets at the stations. One single ticket costs 107 SEK (12 EUR).

Nyhavn – Copenhagen


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