Jaipur & the Winds Palace – India (part 2)


Good to know (2 )

  • You should cover your shoulders and not showing your skin too much, I am referring to very short shorts, dresses or skirts
  • If you are traveling with your boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / wife, avoid tenderness gestures in public, so you will not attract nasty comments and unnecessary reactions
  • Avoid ATMs for exchange money; u should go to the banks or in the airport, where are 24 hours money change offices.
  • Be careful that the summer runs from March to June and is extremely hot and dry!
  • Spoken languages: Rajasthani, Marwari, Hindi and English
  • The easiest way to travel the city is by local rickshaw
  • Beware of the monkeys… seem to be everywhere, keep your purse or what you have and avoid to have food to you
  • Not wear valuable jewelry and not take too much money with you
  • Be careful what you eat, if you’re used to some certain diet, you could have big health problems with Indian food, therefore, avoid eating what you do not agree with it.

Food in Jaipur

  • Aloo tikki, a variety of potato cutlets
  • Choorma, a sort of a dessert made of ground wheat, tasty really good.
  • Dal kachodis, lentil with pastries.
  • Chicken marinated in yogurt. ( so tasteful! )

Places to eat in Jaipur

  • Peacock, a great place to eat good and reasonably priced, restaurant is clean, neat and very tasty food.
  • NIROS, one of the greatest and older restaurants in Jaipur


  • Park Inn Jaipur, 4 star hotel
  • Trident Jaipur, 5 stars, in the first one I stayed with my bf, and in the second one, more glamorous have stayed my parents, during their vacation. Park Inn is quite affordable, around 45 EUR/night, and the second one approximately 130 EUR/night, the differences are significant, but the first one has more good position.

What you should buy


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