Top 3 Switzerland Castles


The Chillon Castle in Montreux – Veytaux

Right on the banks of the beautiful Lake Geneva, in Montreux Veytaux, stretches majestically the impetuous Chillon Castle. One of the most iconic and visited castles of Switzerland, this water castle is reflected in the turquoise waters of Lake Geneva, merging harmoniously with the snowy Alps in the background. Merveilleuse!


The Tourbillon Castle in Sion

Come as soon as you can and discovers a sensational city, dominated by the Tourbillon Castle. The city of Sion, in Switzerland, is dominated by the remaining walls of the Tourbillon Castle perched high enough to make you sweat. The view of the entire city and the Valère Basilica which is just opposite the castle, plus the grapevine fields of the castle, clearly worth the effort.


The Nyon Castle in Nyon

Perhaps not so well known as the others, but with a dreaming view, is Nyon Castle, located in the town of Nyon, Switzerland. It is a history museum which houses various porcelain exhibition, but above all, offers its visitors a great view of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc. Furthermore a stroll through his garden full of flowers is an excellent idea.




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