YVOIRE Trip 2016 – The Medieval Flower Village on Lake Geneva

Yvoire is a very pretty medieval village, full of flowers and all kinds of restaurants, plus it is considered the most beautiful village in France. Why? You will see in the pictures. Where is it ? Yvoire is between Evian and Geneva, on the French shores of Lake Geneva, in the Haute-Savoie region, in France. How do I get in Yvoire? Well, you can make a day trip from Geneva > you can take the train (SNCF) or you can take a boat trip from geneva (www.keytours.ch – which also organizes cruises to other cities in Switzerland or France).

Why should I visit Yvoire? Because it’s magic. You can walk for hours on cobblestone streets, admire the Chateau of Yvoire, you can roam among the many flowers in the Garden of Five Senses, you can have lunch on the Yvoire’s port in the shadow of the castle or you can serve a lemon sherbet in one of the cozy terraces that invites you to a sweet chocolate crepes feast…

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