Musée des Cristaux – Espace Tairraz – Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

The European Night of Museums gave us a real surprise… so colorful and precious! We had some museums in mind and finally we chose the Musee des Cristaux Chamonix Mont Blanc. What an inspired choice! We enjoyed a museum full of gems that reflect the beauty of Dauphine region and Mont Blanc Massif.

Crystal hunting began in the Middle Ages when the inhabitants were selling these gorgeous gems to traders from Geneva and Milan. What is surprising is that the tradition is still alive, here in Chamonix, but only for private collections.

Almost all minerals found in the Mont Blanc massif are quartz, with that slightly gray tint, then the rare flouritehaving vivid colors from red to powdered pink and purple or some electric shades of turquoise and bleu-verte. Add to these other exceptional collections of minerals, over 500 specimens from Mont Blanc and around the world ( some of the mineral specimens are well-known worldwide). In the background of each crystal it is mentioned its name and origin and the staff will explain in detail (on request) about everything that you might be interested: how were formed, where they come from and so on.

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