Highlights of Switzerland – What to visit in Vevey

Vevey is blessed by an extraordinary position right on Lake Geneva’s shore, beneath Mont Pèlerin and the 1,364-meter Pleiades. Vevey it’s a fairytale city, bringing together harmoniously in the architecture of its buildings, the medieval look, the 19th century scent and the Belle Epoque’s soft touch. With an overwhelming view of the Alpine panorama and its waterfront lined by sumptuous hotels, Vevey it’s one of the pearls of the Swiss Riviera.

A walk down the flower-bedecked Lake Promenade is perhaps the best way to discover the secrets of the city, where you can enjoy an exotic stroll admiring the palm trees, or you could go by boat or car to other towns nearby such as Montreux, followed by the iconic Château de Chillon, the medieval fortress that appears on all the postcards as a reminder of the more than 1’000 years of history, the inspiration source for famous artists and writers such as Victor Hugo, Delacroix, Courbet or Lord Byron.

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