Chalet 4810 pépites et gourmandises – Chamonix Mont-Blanc

Chalet 4810 pépites et gourmandises in Chamonix is an absolutely lovely and welcoming tea room opened since 1909 ( in fact among the best confectioners in Chamonix), now completely renovated, housed in a beautiful traditional wooden chalet where you will wrap your senses in so many flavors, starting with the famous macarons in different colors and assortments, croissants and other bakery products, to the variety of cakes and tarts with chocolate, fruits, all kinds of creams and fillings, arranged so elegant and inviting in large showcases.

Chalet 4810 pépites et gourmandises ( 4810 comes from the Mont Blanc’s elevation), is that kind of place from which you do not want to leave so soon. You will find it hard to choose something and when you finally decided, you just don’t want to leave behind that beautiful and cozy place loaded with super sweet goodies designed to increase your glycemic index.



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