Annecy City Break

The first weekend of April, in other words… the spring opener brings us along on a journey in the lovely city of Annecy, a little gem called ‘’Venise des Alpes’’(the Venice of Mont Blanc). Once you see the pictures you will understand why.

Annecy is known as the most beautiful city in the region of Savoie Mont Blanc (just 40 km from Geneva), and no wonder if we stop for a few minutes to admire the architecture of this picturesque city. Colorful houses along the canals and bridges reflected in the crystal clear turquoise water and elegant cafes and restaurants placed along picturesque arcaded streets, gives you the feeling like you’re in a romantic movie.

www.tripelonia.com_Annecy (4)www.tripelonia.com_Annecy (2)www.tripelonia.com_Annecy (1)

The multiculturalism of the Savoie Mont Blanc region (considering its location, on the border between France, Switzerland and Italy), is imbued in every corner of Annecy. You’ll notice the respect and love for the environment and things made with professionalism and dedication, be it hotel services, food from restaurants or shops or cultural preservation.

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The Alpine landscape of Annecy is omnipresent in the background of all the attractions, favoring an ideal climate both in summer and in winter, plus a suave touch in the local cuisine, where cheeses have an important role – whether it’s the famous Reblochon cheese or the cottage cheese Tome des Bauges, produced for centuries in Savoie Mont Blanc region. The fish, wine and chocolate are also emblematic for this aria. You should try the Truffes de Chambéry or chocolate truffles, tartiflette (a potato gratin), fondue or raclette and you’ll understand why. 🙂

www.tripelonia.com_Annecy (9)www.tripelonia.com_Annecy (8)www.tripelonia.com_Annecy (7)www.tripelonia.com_Annecy (6)www.tripelonia.com_Annecy (1)

The city itself is an attraction. Many narrow streets, tiny arched bridges under which gather on these gorgeous turquoise water, swans and ducks waiting eagerly few crumbs of whatever you have. Keep a careful eye on the seagulls too, they seem pretty hungry and you may have the luck to have them on the background of your pictures.

www.tripelonia.com_Annecy (13)www.tripelonia.com_Annecy (12)www.tripelonia.com_Annecy (11)www.tripelonia.com_Annecy (10)www.tripelonia.com_Annecy (2)


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