New York Top Must-See & Do

New York bustle resounds everywhere, in any corner of the world with its ultra famous landmarks and attractions – the Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island or the island of Manhattan, all are visited and pictured by millions of tourists worldwide.

To get an idea about what to see and do in New York, we created this tiny New York guide, through which we hope to offer you the best places to visit and most attractive activities you could do in New York.


When to visit New York

Spring in New York is when the city comes alive, outside is warm, the trees bloom, the sky is clear, it is not so crowded and prices for accommodation are ok. In autumn the tourists have gone, prices drop a bit and Central Park is absolutely gorgeous in golden reflections of the trees! Therefore, takes as a benchmark for visiting New York on these two seasons, spring and autumn.


Panoramic views of New York

To walk the streets of New York can be exciting, but to see the tallest and imposing skyscrapers from above, that’s sound really thrilling! I think New York, at least that’s my opinion, is very beautiful seen from the One World Observatory, which has observation decks, located right in the One World Trade Center. Here, you’ll enjoy New York from a unique perspective, and if you want to take the adventure to another level, for this is the Empire State Building, which also has observation desks on 82th-floor – with 360-degree panoramic vista of the entire New York. Spectacular.


Empire State Building looks great in photos, so if you want to put it along with the other skyscrapers, go up to the Rockefeller Plaza 30 (NBS studios) – the 67th, 69th and 70th floors. I think the most fabulous vista is seen from here, especially when the sun sets and the lights are on all buildings.



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