Padua (Italy) Travel Tips

Just 40 km from the enchanting Venice, in the Veneto region of northern Italy, nestles the beautiful and medieval Padua (Padova) – another Italian city with a special meaning, a harmonious blend between Venetian, Roman, Renaissance and medieval civilizations. In other words, Padua is a living legend, blessed with a strategic position in a plain area drawn in brown, green and yellow colors, protected by the Alps mountain range and the Euganean hills.


Padua opens its arms to lovers of architecture, art, history and science, where they can admire a universe full of treasures, from the Orto Botanico di Padova ( the oldest academic botanical garden in the world, dating from 1545), the splendid church of Saint Antonio (14th century), to the outrageous masterpieces by Giotto, omnipresent into the fabulous Scrovegni Chapel, with the unique ethereal blue color of the chapel. *Tickets for the Scrovegni Chapel must be booked!


Keep in mind that Padua is hosting the most famous university in the world, built in 1222, Universita degli Studi di Padova – where have studied famous personalities, such as Pico della Mirandola, Copernicus and Torquatto Tasso, plus the famous “Anatomical Theatre“, the oldest in the world (1594).


Visiting and getting around Padua

Quite common for the Italian cities, in Padua the sightseeing concentration is right downtown. Padua is surrounded by two circles of walls with 28 entrance gates and the main feature is the porticos. Padua enjoys 2 graceful rivers that give it a special charm: the River Brenta and Bacciglione River, where tourists can navigate by boat, departing from the ancient port of Portello, being a good way to discover Padua. Otherwise, you can also use the public transportation as well as the City Sightseeing Pass (adults € 15, 00; children € 7, 00 – more on, or why not, to choose a relaxing stroll along the city…or a bike ride? 🙂





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