Henonville Castle

In the exuberance and charm of the XIII century was built a magnificent masterpiece – Henonville Castle, the living proof of an authentic royal domain which has been preserved until today, in its entire splendor.

Henonville Castle, besides its impressive history and architecture is the latest trend in weddings and parties, being just 45 minutes from Paris – The City of Lights, in Hénonville commune, Oise department.

Henonville castle

If the receptions and events taking place in Paris, the capital of fashion, childhood dreams and fairy lights are already in high demand, Château d’Hénonville (Henonville Castle), attracts increasingly more tourists and people greedy of opulence, organizing major events where the magnificent decor and lush gardens would allure even the most sophisticated tastes.

Firstly, our fantastic Henonville Castle was included in the list of historical monuments being demolished and then reconstructed in 1554, later outlining a sober architecture but also the authenticity of the Jacquerie epoch, receiving among the most prestigious guests such as the King of Spain, Alfonso XIII.

Over the years, Henonville Castle had several missions, have been used by the US Army and then served as an association for the deported Hebrew children. Lastly, Van Themsche family sold the Henonville Castle to the Hénonville municipality, being today an important landmark throughout France.

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