Veliko Tarnovo Attractions

Veliko Tarnovo is a medieval town, very picturesque and full of charm, located in the north-central Bulgaria, in a hilly area that attracts a lot of foreign tourists.

Veliko Tarnovo is a city in Bulgaria, being a destination for several hours, you can walk the narrow streets, you can buy souvenirs, you can eat the best pizza ever or you can simply photograph the little lovely town located on the hills. The town is old, very clean, downhill streets, with souvenir shops and restaurants. On the main street there are restaurants where you can admire the city panorama.

The city preserves many of the old centers, whose main constructive characteristics are the same as in the medieval period. Do not expect to find something extraordinarily beautiful that could take your breath away but if you love any type of trip and appreciate the little things, you will definitely find a joy in this tiny town.

min_DSC_0563 min_Bulgarian_cathedral_architect_ Kolyu Ficheto 11925873_1191772857505754_444598235_n 11887155_1500100306974515_2044278525_n11881634_1019483124769827_1570366916_n11821319_514351572062112_620766418_n

Veliko Tarnovo is famous as the historical capital of the Third Bulgarian Empire, situated on three hills and along the Yantra River, the medieval town is the perfect place for lovers of palaces, fortresses, monasteries and houses of stone and also here, you’ll see up the hill, the village Arbanassi, with its century old houses, from 16-17 century, some of them have become museums, churches and monasteries.

min_tsarevets fortress min_The_Museum_of_the_Bulgarian_Revival min_The _Patriarchal _Cathedral min_Shtastliveca_restaurantmin_DSC_0561min_DSC_0581

Besides the medieval air, the city offers numerous pubs and terraces with delicious dishes, and prices are more than decent, also you’ll find clothing, jewelry, handbags and shoes, all handmade and great quality.

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2 thoughts on “Veliko Tarnovo Attractions

  1. I love Veliko Turnovo. The combination of Tzarevetz’ sprawling remains of medieval castle and fortifications, the 19th century Museum of the Bulgarian Revival and Constituent Assembly, a quirky and exuberantly bohemian café like the Malkia Inter, the old town – it’s worth spending more than a day if you can. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

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