Les Andelys and Château Gaillard Attractions

This picturesque little village – Les Andelys, located in the department of Eure, in France, is basically comprised of Le Grand Andely and Le Petit Andely.


The outstanding Norman land of Les Andelys, sketches a fascinating landscape worthy of a famous painting, where imposing cliffs along the Seine’s blue colors and richness of vegetation, creates an incredibly beautiful décor. You can walk around Les Andelys enjoying the poetry of nature full of colors in different shades, while you stop to take some delicious French croissants aux amandes, from one of the lovely patisseries of the village.

This charming landscape is fragrant with the emblem of the region, the famous Château Gaillard, strategically positioned, so you can see the whole village.

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Les Andelys view above the Seine


Notre Dame Collegiate Church

Notre Dame Collegiate Church


Chateau Gaillard

Chateau Gaillard

Strolling around Les Andelys

Strolling around Les Andelys

Chateau Gaillard - view above Seine

Chateau Gaillard – view above Seine


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