Cayeux sur Mer: Baie de Somme

The gorgeous Picardie region brings to the forefront, Cayeux-sur-Mer, in Baie de Somme, a spectacular place where pebbles are merging smoothly with foamy waves of the sea.

Huddled in Somme Bay, one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Cayeux sur Mer hosts a dreamy setting where the migratory birds, lush greenery and the musical spectacle of the waves, gives you an unforgettable holiday.


Cayeux sur Mer received this year (2015), the Blue Flag due to its quality. Equipped with a wooden promenade along its entire coast, featuring 400 chic beach houses, Cayeux sur Mer prides itself again with the longest wooden promenade in Europe. (1, 24 mile)

Cayeux sur Mer stands out also with its fascinating Belle Epoque villas, without which the region could not be considered an unpolished diamond, where the pure nature represents the ideal host.

To photograph the seals and more tips, visit >>>

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