Bruges Attractions and Free Things to Do

If you are wondering which Bruges attractions are or which are the coolest Bruges free things to do, here you’ll find the answer, because we started our 2015’s bucket list, traveling first time this year in this city absolutely gorgeous, which has a variety of free attractions and things to do! Bruges attractions are few but enough to quench your appetite for sightseeing, especially if the one for Belgian chocolate will not ever stop!

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Going on this trip at the beginning of February, the weather was more than generous, quite sunny and the temperature slightly below 0 degrees Celsius, which is true, due to the harsh wind, gave us a feeling of cold. However, entering into the shops filled with chocolate and candies and having the good fortune to receive a free sample that will delight your taste buds is part of Bruges free things to do, so we warmed up instantly our body and soul.

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We landed at Brussels South Charleroi Airport, where we took Flibco bus. A ticket costs around 42 Euros roundtrip, if you buy it directly from the airport, but if you buy it online – – is much cheaper!). Pay attention when you are returning from Bruges Kiss & Ride zone (where the bus leaves you and from where you will take it to get back to the airport). There is no place where to buy the return ticket! You can only purchase tickets online or directly from the driver but only using your credit card! There is no possibility to pay cash, so extra attention. It is best to buy your roundtrip tickets directly from their website.

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Bruges attractions seem to be everywhere, as the medieval cozy city is lined up with picturesque canals and cobbled streets, where a bohemian scent floating in the air gives you the feeling that you are in the past. Suddenly, the branded stores and charming hotels take you back into reality. Among the main Bruges attractions include boating on its beautiful canals. It’s not a usual ride, rather a romantic one, because you have the chance to admire the beauty of the city and its secret gardens. If we are still speaking of romance, we found an absolutely fascinating landscape – Groenerei & Peerdenbrug, a place where time stops and everything seams detached from a story, Groenerei having the reputation as the most beautiful place in Bruges.

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Some places are too angelic to describe in words, as is the Beguinage, another lovely spot which is included in the must-see Bruges attractions, being an oasis of tranquility with an impressive courtyard and a few swans which are reflecting their beauty in the crystal clear waters of the canal. It’s such a wonderful view!

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