20 Tips For Traveling Almost For Free

Traveling across the world, may be less expensive than you imagined. You can see incredibly beautiful places, you can meet interesting people, you can experience the unimaginable or you can learn new foreign languages, discovering many exciting cultures, and all of that, using less money.


To do this, you must prepare the trip, itinerary and accommodations, and to arrange the way to have money and food during the trip. For a longer adventure, you should start the preparations at least 6 months in advance.

In the following, we will present 20 ways, hopefully useful, to prove you, how with a little luck and a skillful mind, you can see the world, if not totally free, at least with less money invested.

No.1 – Create your own free blog

Nothing is nicer than having your personal blog, in which you describe your future travel adventures, which are your skills and hobbies, or what you know exactly to do, so you could get money, food, and accommodation during the trip. You will not believe how many people are interested in what you write or for example, maybe a hotel or ………………………………………………



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