Best Things To Do in INDIA

12647812625458a9075726bIndia is a country of great contrasts, where history

and tradition blends perfectly, where the terrible poverty is linked to the opulence of luxury, where the colors and flavors seem drawn from the same template. From the highest mountains to the vast plains and the most fertile and rich regions, to the most arid deserts in the world, India includes all climates and landforms.

India is known as the ‘land of 1001 spices’. The specific feature of Indian food is the use of many exotic spices: saffron, cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, thyme or chilli.
Regarding culinary preferences, we can talk about two areas: North India and South India; whether in the North, the emphasis is on spices, meals containing a lot of meat in the South, there are many vegetarians and rice is very popular and appreciated, being always eaten by hand.

Regarding drinks, the meal is consumed generally with water or fruit juices. If you want something alcoholic, a rose wine is most recommended; at the end of the meal, you can opt for a cup of tea or coffee accompanied by plants that aids digestion. Remember that you should consume bottled water, sealed properly!

       Did you know…?

– The cow is a sacred animal in India, the living symbol of ………………………….


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