Things we don’t take into consideration when we go in a trip, although they are essential.

Friends, today I thought and I gathered some things that we don’t take into consideration when we go in a trip, although they are essential. So here they are!

All of us who travel often have the need to control their own journey, for reasons of personal safety or comfort or desire to carry things better. But unfortunately, often the events do not unfold in the way that we wanted, often gaining another turn. Thinking at my own initiatives leading to the smallest detail a journey and influencing the route, but also seeing at my friends all the mistakes they make when planning a trip, I decided to make a list of the most frequent misconceptions, mistakes and related plans that deliberately or not, we do when we plan a trip.

1. We put a lot of unnecessary stuff in bag and forget the essential things. Try not to put in your luggage unnecessary things like accessories, too many clothes, and many kinds of body creams, perfumes and other stuff. However, always remember that in a journey of several days, it should not reduce on how trendy you’re dressed or how much perfume you sprayed on your skin. Also, no need to pull a heavy and uncomfortable luggage, feeling it like a huge stone that will give you back pain, preventing you from enjoying the way from airport to hotel and vice-versa,  discovering the way to your destination where you wanted so much to go.

2. We pay too much attention to the outfits, and omit the comfort. Instead of worrying about the number of outfits worn every day, give shoes a special interest. Shoes should be comfortable, with low soles, because wearing heals will most likely make you weep of blisters or corns, that will definitely cut your desire to walk. If you really want to get better in pictures, you can throw in luggage, some heels for a night at the restaurant or a short walk.

3. Sometimes we leave the money on the card and have few cash. Try to have cash on you; do not let all the money on the card. Often, for known or unknown reasons, some institutions, shops, restaurants, does not accept the type of card that you have, or simply does not work, even if it is mentioned in their list of acceptance. Or maybe you will not find an ATM in time and when you need it and that can be downright stressful.

4. We change money without….


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