Planning Your Trip to New Zeeland – Part 1


New Zeeland has been blessed with pure beauty and the brilliant complexity of  the landscapes, often contrasting, are the delight of an unforgettable trip, so if you have the chance to visit the great islands of the South Pacific, definitely have to take advantage of it!

New Zealand is one of the archipelagos separated by stretches of the Pacific Ocean, which make up Oceania, being separated from Australia to the northwest of the Tasman Sea. New Zealand is considered the farthest destination, the closest neighbors being New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga. Islands of New Zealand are part of the so-called ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ that includes many active volcanoes, in New Zealand earthquakes frequently occurring.

Due to the fog surrounding the high volcanoes and snow capped peaks, the first Maori who reached New Zealand, called her ‘Aotearoa’ meaning ‘the country of the long white cloud’. Fascinating is that in the same country there are two populations, as almost 15% of 4, 2 million people, are of Maori origin, and the remaining 80% of European origin, making New Zealand a strange juxtaposition, but also an incredible fascinating place.

Its magnificent scenery attracts annually millions of tourists from around the world. Forests and beaches, deserts, volcanoes and mountain peaks, all forms a picture drawn from paradise.

To get here you should know that …


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