Travelling to Thassos Island – Review of the day

Kavala is one of the largest cities in northern Greece and the bridge to The Green Island of Greece – Thassos Island. Whereof, if in one of the days spent in Kavala, you decide to make a day trip, what could be more beautiful than Thassos Island, where is the turquoise sea, olive trees, oleanders, palms, hills full of herbs, making the picture to be complete.

Thassos, lately occupied a good position in the ranking of lovers of beauty, crystal turquoise water, mountains that seem to be thrown into the sea and why not, the affordable prices at accommodation, compared to other destinations.

The distance from Kavala to Thassos is longer, compared to route departing from Keramoti and the trip takes about 75 minutes, depends on what type of ferry you’ll take and what time you choose, because you can do less than 75 minutes, maybe half of this time. Minutes pass quickly, as you’ll be busy all the way to feed the seagulls, which are making the route Kavala – Thassos and vice versa. So be prepared with some bread or bagels, and a photo/video camera, because seagulls are eager to take the food from your hands and to posed, for the most beautiful snapshots.

The price of the ferry varies according to the port of arrival and also by the type of ferry. How we got in a hurry, we took the ferry which was leaving, belonging to ”Thassos Ferries Company”, and the trip has cost around € 4.60 / person/one direction only. If you are by car, you can take her too, for a fee of EUR 20/30 depending on season. The program of departures in high season, in summer, starts at 9:00 am until 8:00 pm. PS: Shipping companies change their schedule, so the safest is to go directly to the port and see clearly the program.

The advantage of going to the island by car, is because Thassos is one of the few Greek Islands that has a road, surrounding it and during your driving you’ll cross near the sea, you will pass through several picturesque villages and island’s beaches. The trip lasts approximately 3 hours.

The ferry will let you in…


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