Weeki Wachee – The city of mermaids

Weeki Wachee is a theater in Florida, the only city in the world of mermaids, built in a natural spring that allows the public to travel in a world of underwater without coming into contact with water. Spread over an area of ​​over two square kilometers and having a natural spring water source, this city is home of mermaids, being “half woman, half fish”, that give the most exciting performances in swimming and dancing in the underwater theatres.

Weeki Wachee mermaids are so precious, that’s why local authorities protect them, considering them a symbol of the state of Florida. Since 1947, the visitors watched the underwater ballet performances and had the chance to get pictures of a mermaid, fact which made ​​thousands of children and adults so happy.
Weeki Wachee or the city of mermaids is a special attraction for tourists from around the world. Elvis Presley himself, visited Weeki Wachee city in 1960, which is basically a theater, built in a natural spring where underwater performances give the place a special magic. Currently, Weeki Wachee population means only four people, being the small city in the United States, which is run by a siren mayor.
This aquatic world and these live sirens, which will undulate and will dance in total harmony, you can see all of them at the price of $ 13.00 Adult, $ 8.00, Child (Ages 6-12) and Children of 5 years and under have free access.


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