Visiting Greece: Kavala – Part 1

Kavala is the kind of city that apparently does not promise much, neither turquoise sea and white smooth sand, specific other Greek islands … but that’s why it’s more than a pleasant surprise. As I traveled and saw along my travels, I haven’t met so far, a prettier and welcoming city, so beautiful in its simplicity.

First hug with the city takes place before you get downtown, considering that Kavala is located on a hill, so the above it is seen magnificent: the little white houses, hostels and charming restaurants and terraces, which are situated along the cliff, surrounded by palms trees, where the Aegean sea undulates its waves and the boats and ferries are floating to Thassos Island, which is seen discreetly away.

Kavala, called by the Greeks – ‘Lady of Macedonia’, or ‘Little Monte Carlo’, is one of the most beautiful Greek cities, perhaps the most! One reason is because the city is built in amphitheater shape on a hill, and stretches from the harbor and up the slopes of Mount Symvolo, so that the whole city has sea views, including the restaurants and bars, which gives it a special charm, built on the site of the ancient city of Neopolis, today being the second largest city in northern Greece. Situated in Macedonia region, Kavala is the main seaport of the region, and capital of Kavala prefecture, located in the Gulf of Kavala, being an important point and destination to / from the island of Thassos, but also has sea connections with all North Aegean islands, like Limmat, Lesvos, or Samothraki.

The importance and significance of Kavala city is millennial. The Apostle Paul made ​​a…


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