Things to know before visiting Morocco

Useful information about Morocco

– The official currency is the dirham and the official language is Arabic.
– Best time to visit Morocco is between April and early June or between September and November, when the weather is warm and dry.
– It’s good to know French when you go to Morocco, because might be more useful than – English. It would be ok to have a polyglot guide, somewhere in your luggage, never know when you’ll need it.
– Morocco is the world’s largest exporter of hashish and in the north there are many plantations of marijuana, so avoid this area as much as possible!
– Be aware that Morocco is a country where criminality is high, so inform before you go, on specialized websites and see if there are any travel alerts.
– Drink only bottled water because the tap water is not potable!
– Spain is only 13 km away from Morocco, being separated by the Strait of Gibraltar linking the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.
– Try peppermint tea, which is called also the ‘Moroccan Whisky’, although it does not contain a drop of alcohol.
– The most consumed dish is ‘tajide’, a mix of meat, potatoes and vegetables.
– If you’re coming from Europe, the power converter is the same, so you will not need one, but if you’re coming from England or the USA, you do. Note that here can be 2 types of 4mm and 5mm plugs, and some of the newer sockets use a grounding (third) pin.
– Bring toilet paper with you, if you don’t want to pay, because in any restaurant you must pay the toilet paper.
– In Morocco, there is no law against smoking, for which, wherever you go, at restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and so on, you’ll always smell of cigarettes.

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