Explore India – Varanasi’s Divine Light

Varanasi is located in India, about 1 hour flight from New Delhi, representing one of the oldest settlements in history and shows mostly, just like in the times in which it was founded, about 3500 years ago. The city is located right at the confluence of Varuna and Asi that flows into the Ganges or ‘Ganga’, as Indians call it, having the belief that it brings their immortality.

Varanasi is one of the seven Holy Cities of the Hindus, the most holy place on earth where every Hindu should reach at least once in life. Also, Varanasi is a center of the silk industry of very high quality, being globally recognized as having the finest fabrics, as it is an art carefully cultivated for thousands of years. The weavers of Varanasi are the ones who created ‘Benares brocade’, a very seductive silk, embroidered with gold and silver, which you can admire or buy from the bazaar Thatheri.

Hindus called Varanasi, Kashi (City of Divine Light) or Kashika (The one who shines), both being related with Shiva’s sacred fire. Shiva is the God of destruction, a sort of God in Hindu religion. Although this represents destruction, he is considered by Hindus as a positive force in the universe, because the destruction is, in Hinduism, the natural consequence of creation.

Shiva is adored in temples by …http://tripelonia.com/headline/explore-india-varanasi-s-divine-light/280


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