Thassos – Greece – The Emerald of the Aegean

Thassos is the northernmost island of Greece, located in the Aegean Sea, and is a quiet holiday destination with spectacular views, high beautiful mountains, Mediterranean flowers fragrant, turquoise bays, gorgeous pine forests and olive groves, white marble recognized as the most whitest in the world, being the only Greek island covered with lush vegetation.

Thassos climate is mild, the average annual temperature is 17.2 degrees C, and the average temperature is 23.4 ° C in summer (July).

Thassos Town, known also as Limenas, is the largest port of Thassos island and its capital. Here you can see archaeological sites, sculptural ensembles, you can visit the Archaeological Museum, the Acropolis, the Bridge District Silen, the ancient amphitheater, or you can go on one of the beautiful beaches awarded with the “Blue Flag” or choose one of the shopping areas of the city.

Some of the wonderful beaches on the island are the beaches Tripiti and Aliki, Tripiti being famous because it has a bathtub shape, but also because of the caves leading to the ocean. Aliki Beach is especially famous for its white sand, and the surrounding villages and marble quarry.

Marble Beach is among the top choices of tourists, being whiter than you can imagine, from fine stones created by grinding the marble from the quarry wall. Green water is surreal, heartbreaking beautiful and captivating.

Paradise beach is by far the most spectacular beach in Thassos, with amazing mountains that are seen in the back, a perfect beach with incredible fine sand. However, Golden Beach is the largest beach in Thassos, with sandy beach in the water too, with a smooth blue sea, where you have to go very far until it becomes deep, offering you an overwhelming scenery, where the mountains are closer to you than ever.

For a total libertine experience, choose to go to GIOLA, a natural hole, like a pool, hollowed in stone, with blocks of marbles on the bottom, an incredible green water, all the creation of nature. Whether you bathe or make some raving shots, seeming detached from another planet, GIOLA is a must see once you have arrived in Thassos.

Currently, the island has dozens of historical places of pilgrimage. Deserves a visit the Monastery Virgin Maries and Monastery of St. Michael the Archangel, which is the largest and most famous monastery in Thassos. Be aware that access rules are very strict: men must have long pants and women must wear decent dresses, no shorts.

Theologos Museum, located in the…


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