Cambodia -Taking a ride in Ban Lung, Ratanakiri

We start our trek through the land of Ratanakiri province and we ventured on a red dirt road, serpentines, dust clouds in the horizon and feeling that the journey will be long and staggering until we reach the city capital Ban Lung of Ratanakiri province.

If you ever had moments of wandering and feeling like you belong to anyone, well, once in Ban Lung, you’ll feel it again, at least as a first impression. Yellow & tiny buildings of the wide streets, hidden by dust clouds… and a realm that hides some exceptional natural treasures, seen only in books and documentaries, so leave behind the dust and let’s discover its true value, even if you do this route on foot, by car or motorcycle, the latter being more recommended to capture exactly the life of Ban Lung and feel the adrenaline on some pretty exciting roads!

A maze of streets with lots of stalls, full of all kind of bargains, where, highly coveted are the amethyst and zirconium, because such mines are nearby, so is an ideal opportunity to buy some gems. This is how Ban Lung market looks like.

Temple on the hill is one of the main attractions, as here is Reclining Buddha statue. What does that mean? Well, the resting Buddha symbolizes his acceptance that he will not be reborn. From here you have the opportunity to see a beautiful landscape over the rolling countryside.

However, the most appreciated attraction it’s in the surroundings of Ban Lung – the gorgeous Yak Laom Lake. Basically, it is the crater of an extinct volcano in the middle of which is hot water, with an amazing deep blue shade. Definitely it’s an ideal place to tan a little bit and to swim in the crystalline water, surrounded by perennial plants and the wonderful bamboo. There are footpaths around the lake, fringed with bamboo and pontoons. Here you can taste the local wine made ​​from rice or you can enjoy fresh fruits.

Another place where you can bathe is the…


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