Must see places in Dublin, besides the great beer experience from Guinness Storehouse :)

Guinness Storehouse in Dublin is among the main reasons why some travellers want to visit Dublin. If you want to see which is the process of producing beer and visit the 6 floors built around a glass atrium, as well and listen the stories about Guinness family, you must pay the ticket which is 18 Euro on the spot, and if you take it online from, you will pay less: 16.20 Euro. If you do not delight the idea of ​​doing a tour of the brewery, you can opt to have a beer, atop of Guinness Storehouse, at the famous Gravity Bar, which offers an excellent panoramic view of the city.

After the experience with the beer, as she is produced and the superb panoramic bar, you should discover another pride of the Irish: the whiskey. Old Jameson Distillery is the place that takes you through its 8 rooms and where you can learn the difference between an Irish Scotch, an American whiskey and an Irish Jameson … and everything is done by tasting and feeling the differences between the flavors. The great thing is that you will obtain a diploma entitled: ” a qualified Irish whiskey tester “, just good to put in the frame, when you get back home.

A variety of restaurants, shops, theaters, cinemas, pubs and clubs spread over the central Temple Bar District. Temple Bar is basically the core of the night life, where you begin to discover every corner of Dublin, being the best place where you can feel the atmosphere of Ireland. You could also do a walk through St Stephens Green Park, the main park of the city, the Guinness family gift for the citizens, which enjoys a strategic location right in the heart of the city. In another day of your visit you can try a walk in the largest urban park in Europe, which is located in Dublin – Phoenix Park, where you can enjoy a polo field but also a cool zoo. If you want to do shopping, one of the main arteries of Dublin is Grafton Street, having beside other shops, one of the most popular shopping centre called Irish Brown Thomas. From Grafton Street you can easily reach the oldest and most famous university of Ireland’s – Trinity College, whose campus is definitely an attraction, and its buildings from the XVIII and XIX.

In Dublin is the …


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