Fagaras Fortress ranks 2nd in the world’s 10 best castles!

Fagaras Medieval Fortress in Romania

Mystery, absorption and wealth … thus reflect Fagaras Fortress in the crystalline lake that surrounds it. With pride and prestige, the fortress of Fagaras, in Romania, is wearing his place of honor among the most beautiful castles in the world, representing the 2nd, according to Huffington Post publication. Every year, tens of thousands of tourists walk on the regal domain, beings fascinated by the way the fortress looks like and especially being captivated by its tumultuous history.

The fortress became famous when it was under the rule of Michael the Brave, making it an exclusive location due to the monthly balls, held here, so marking the heyday of this significant edifice. Michael the Brave donated the fortress to his wife, Lady Stanca, who later, after Michael the Brave died, was held as a prisoner in the walls of the fortress.

This feudal complex has been remarkably well preserved over the years, being the largest feudal domain of the principality, built in the late fourteenth century. The history of this fortress was and is still mysterious but also was written to be discovered and read. Beyond its greatness that attracts tourists in large number, it hides a less pleasant side, I’d say even excruciating.

During the Inquisition and communism, Fagaras Fortress housed one of the most feared and frightening …http://tripelonia.com/headline/fagaras-medieval-fortress-in-romania/244


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