Top 10 attractions in Marrakesh


  1. Koutobia Mosque – with its tower of 69 meters is the city landmark and is considered a masterpiece of art, because of its sumptuous decorations. It’s built in a traditional Almohad style and topped with four copper globes, which makes it visible for near and far.
  2. Agdal Gardens – offers a splendid collection of trees and a beautiful lagoon, being the ideal place for relaxation.
  3. Old Town – Medina – studded with souks and built like a maze, with all kind of products.
  4. New Town – Gueliz – is the perfect opportunity to discover the differences between the modern and the old city. There are wide boulevards, stores, restaurants.
  5. Palmerie – represents the richness, with luxury hotel and its golf courses. The beautiful palms cover an immense area, along with camels, which delights this landscape that deserves at least visited.
  6. Bahia Palace – an edifice which covers an area of ​​eight hectares, with lots of prints, doors and magnificent wooden ceilings and arches, lights and other appealing elements.
  7. Majorelle Gardens – a tourist attraction known as the famous garden designer Yves Saint-Laurent, located downtown Marrakech, has 12 acres and is amazingly gorgeous.
  8. Djemaa el Fna – perhaps the most crowded market in the world.
  9. Saadian Tombs and Sultan’s Palace – a true adventure, one of the most symbolic points of the city, with beautiful mosaic, sculptures, marble.
  10. Marrakesh Museum – has a great typical Andalusian architecture, with a fountain in the courtyard, includes a collection of folk arts.


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