Travel to New Caledonia


Beaches, mountains, diving, hiking, colonial architecture and amazing food … with this greets you the wonderful New Caledonia, located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, being basically a French overseas territory. The languages ​​spoken here are French, which is their official language but there are also spoken Melanesian or there are used Polynesian dialects.

Located less than 3 hours of flight from Auckland and Sydney, New Caledonia has the Tontouta International Airport, approximately 45 minutes drive from Noumea, which is the capital.

The Caledonian climate is pleasant throughout the year but it would be ideal to visit it between April and November, when is the Australian winter.

Completely fascinating is that New Caledonia is an ancient fragment of a continent that emerged after about 250 million years, for which you can imagine that flora and fauna have developed in a very special way.

White sandy beaches of Ile des Pins, with its pines, orchids, lush rainforest, white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons and spectacular archaeological remains. (Ile des Pins were discovered by Captain Cook in 1774). The outstanding caves and rock formations from Bourali, Yate village surrounded by lakes, waterfalls and a dense forest or the city capital – Noumea, the rugged mountains from Grand Terre, which overlooks one of the largest natural harbours in the world, delights an adventure in a paradise for lovers of nature and pure beauty.

Being in New Caledonia would be great to visit Hienghène, with its amazing lagoon surrounded by 120m-high black cliffs, offering a stunning view. You can dive or swim in the largest lagoon in the world. Mont-Dore is a mountain surrounded by some outstanding coastal views, would be a place that definitely deserves to be seen alongside Blue River Provincial Park, located further south.

If you manage to visit New Caledonia between July and September, you’re lucky because you could see a show offered by whales. Being the mating season, they rise to the surface and seem to dance, making artistic jumps into the ocean.

Among the culinary specialties of New Caledonia are…


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