São Paulo – Football, Samba and more…

Outstanding architectural achievements, oasis of greenery, avant-garde fashion, modern art and the multitude of events taking place in Sao Paulo, are the delight of an adventure in one of the most developed cities in Brazil.

Besides these, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the energy of people with a pronounced work appetite but also with a huge desire for fun and hanging out. The Brazilian specialties, great football, the hotels with impressive shapes, like Hotel Unique, melon-shaped, with its fabulous oval windows and walls without regular shapes, the amazing creation of the Brazilian architect Ruy Ohtake, are some of the reasons why you will be fascinated by this stunning place!

Maybe you’ll stay a little surprised to see that the pavement in front of the buildings is different. This is because each owner of property is responsible for the sidewalk in front of it. What is strange is that the pavement should not be like the neighbor, but differently, for which, the shapes, colors, textures and sizes are different at every step. The city has roads that make you feel like going down a valley, and then as if climbing a hill, so it will be quite difficult and tiring when walking, although the effect is impressive, different buildings placed at different levels.

Our Japanese friends feel as at home, they roam freely in the streets, and of course the delicious sushi, also present in Japanese restaurants at the place of honor. Talking about food, in Sao Paulo, the citizens consume more pizza than any other city in the world pizza, so it would be welcome to try one! It is said that in São Paulo is spoken more Italian than in Rome and that their pizza is much tastier than the Italian…yet I’m not convinced of that.

For an unequaled selection of restaurants, bars and clubs, you’ll have to venture into areas like Bela Vista, Bom Retiro, Liberdade, Praca da Sé and Cerqueira César, which are along Avenida Paulista, the largest cultural center and also the biggest business center of Sao Paulo. Here is full with art galleries, bookstores, cafes, restaurants, hotels, theaters, cinemas, pubs and malls. It’s also known as the ‘’Lords of coffee’’, where people have made huge fortunes out of agriculture, trade and business.

In Top 10 most expensive cities in the world, Sao Paolo made ​​his presence felt with exorbitant prices, especially on its main street Avenida Paulista. However this matter is balanced, depending on budget and financial possibilities of each.

The greatest amazement is that Sao Paulo is not focused on the development of the city center, in here looking more like a suburb, being a quite dangerous area, where people are rather dubious, being the place where you want to have only the clothes on you and not accessory, phone, camera or  money. Here, the prices are already starting to drop considerably.

Keep in mind that Sao Paulo is a city of contrasts. On the one hand you’ll meet people and areas like filthy rich and opulent and on the other, poverty, misery, degradation. Another important aspect is that work hours in Sao Paulo, are just the way are in America, where work day lasts up to 16 hours.

Places to visit:

  1. Cathedral da Se – the largest church in the city, with 14 towers, built in Gothic style
  2. Avenida Paulista –  the avenue that connects the old town to the new Sao Paolo
  3. Livraria Culture – one of coolest libraries
  4. Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo – houses works of art from the Renaissance to contemporary period, being a symbol of Brazilian architecture
  5. Parque Tenente Siqueira Campos – the most impressed, old and beautiful park in Sao Paulo, with British sober gardens and tropical vegetation
  6. Banespa Tower – the platform of observation of the entire city, with a panoramic view, which is at the 34th floor, at 160 meters.
  7. Unique’s Hotel top floor – that has a sky bar restaurant – named Skye, also a great opportunity to see a beautiful view of the city



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