The smallest country in the world?

The Principality of Sealand is the smallest country in the world and is inhabited by about 50 people, who are led by Prince Michael. In 1967, the former Major Roy Bates founded Sealand State, making himself even Prince Roy, until a short time ago when he died.

Sealand is an artificial structure created during the Second World War. A British Royal Navy platform was towed on strip Rough Sands of North Sea being flooded. Since 1967, Sealand was led of only one family.

The official currency of Sealand is the dollar – ranked at the same parity with the American dollar. Sealand is also called Her Majesty Fort Roughs or Roughs Tower. The territory is 550 square meters and practically the ‘’ country’’  is an old military platform during the World War II, located in the North Sea, the eastern coast of Britain. The economy is financed by the sale of souvenirs and noble titles and the company HavenCo, a firm that provides data protection and server confidential information.

Basically, Sealand is a micro nation, with its own rights and laws, with hymn, flag and its own currency.



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