Santa Barbara Californian Dream


Santa Barbara is located in California, USA, 100 miles north of Los Angeles, being one of the most beautiful places with a favorable and pleasant climate throughout the year. With most fertile vineyards in America and among the most beautiful beaches, but also among the most attractive and important historical and cultural attractions, Santa Barbara is an extraordinarily destination.

In Santa Barbara, the ocean, beaches and mountains are blending harmoniously, as well as the amazing architecture such as the tribunal, cultural institutions and gorgeous shopping areas.

Among the main attractions are: Santa Barbara Harbor, which offers a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, the beautiful botanical garden, Lotus Land, an authentic beauty and uniqueness or the Coronado Butterfly Preserve, where you will be greeted by a lot of butterflies. Another beautiful attraction is Santa Barbara County Courthouse, ideal for an afternoon picnic surrounded by lush vegetation. Mission Santa Barbara is a beautiful rose garden with remains of the mission aqueduct, built by the Chumash Indians.

In the heart of bustling downtown on State Street, there is the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. In Santa Barbara there are 3 main beaches: Leadbetter Beach = which has the harbor, West Beach – has a large beachfront area and East Beach – which is the best option, because you will not be mobbed by some crowds, so the atmosphere is more aerated. State Street is the most famous avenue, where you will find all kind of shops, art galleries, theaters, museums, boutiques, shops, bars and restaurants.

Hiking, golf, surfing, eagle paragliding, kayaking and a lot of fun awaits you here, reason why Santa Barbara is an ideal destination to experience different activities and spend time in the most pleasant way…


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