World-famous Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen


Tivoli Gardens is a famous amusement park in Copenhagen, opened in 1843, and one of the most important in Europe, being the second oldest amusement parks in the world, after Bakken – which is only 10 minutes drive north of Copenhagen.

What attracts people is the interesting mix of objectives, gardens and restaurants. Although continuously developed its inauguration, the park has managed to preserve the traditional line in terms of architecture and the perfume of nineteenth century.

The architecture of the buildings in Tivoli Gardens has syncretistic tendencies, like Nimb Palace, whose facade shows magnificent towers and minarets in Moorish style. Other prominent buildings are the Chinese Tower, the Concert Hall, the Pantomime Theater and Plaenen.

Every fall, Tivoli is transformed into a charming universe dominated by witches, pumpkins and lights. All attractions are left to run from mid-November until December when the park turns again in a fabulous fairy tale to celebrate Christmas.

The park has something for every visitor, a walk in a comforting atmosphere or maybe the exciting roller coaster; you will find green spaces, lakes, fountains and colorful flowers over 400,000, of which 65,000 are tulips.

Tivoli is located in the heart of the city and is divided into two, one section housing the beautiful miniature gardens where flowers are blooming and the other – which is a theme park with games and incredible journeys.

Tivoli is only a few minutes’ walk from…


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