Ikaria – Greeks Longevity Island – where time is more generous.

ikaria greece333A balanced pace of life and a proper diet, fresh air, the absence of pollution sources and the excellent quality of pure wine. So, islanders would describe Ikaria, located in Greece and motivates its fame – such as ‘’the longevity island’’, because here, people are living much longer than the rest. Thus, Ikaria has contoured gradually its title and fame, due to conditions that lengthen life.

In beautiful Ikaria you can get either from Athens with an airplane up in Samos, (19 km southwest of Samos), and then a ferryboat gets you on the island, or if you’re in Turkey, from Kussadassi port is easy to reach Ikaria.

Island landscape fascinates by its contrasts. The landscape is mountainous, largely dominated by the massive Aetheras, with its 1,037 meters, being the highest point and deep gorges crossed by crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches, but also an abundance hydrological network, due to which are cultivating the olives, nuts and apricots, famous in this area. Thus, Ikaria is among the wildest and untouched islands in Greece, with a particularly charm. Ikaria Sea is the one which is surrounding the island and is considered one of the clearest waters in the world so you can imagine the whole idyllic picture.

Some of eloquent scientific explanations are those such as: http://tripelonia.com/headline/ikaria-greeks-longevity-island/198


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