Zurich – Swiss dream weekend



Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and also the capital of the canton of the same name. Being among the richest cities in Europe and high standard of living, Zurich is a shopping, economic and intellectual centre.


Here you will enjoy the chocolate museum located near the central station and the Museum of Modern Art in Limmanstrasse or the City Museum – Kunsthaus am Heimplatz, which exhibits the works of famous artists such as: Matiss, Picasso, Mone and others. St. Peter Church, with probably the largest dial clock in the world, with a diameter of about 9 m is one of the attraction and also the beautiful Grossmunster Cathedral, crossing over Limmat, the most wonderful bridge. I recommend you a visit to the Rheinfall, which is the largest waterfall in Europe, being at the border of Schaffhausen, Zurich and Germany cantons.


Most tourist attractions are found on both sides of the Limmat river, between the train station and Zurichsee. Basically, Zurich’s Limmat River splits it into two: the east part, where you will find lots of shops and cafes, the University of Zurich, the twin towers – Grossmünster. Also, here you can reach Langstrasse, a street dedicated to nonconformist people, with bars, restaurants with exotic menus, clubs, the famous Red Light District and many other places for nonconformists. In the Lindenhof, which is the old city, you will find peace and relaxation, the Roman Castle, the Imperial Palace, chic shops and lake Zurichsee.


The Alps, parks, yachts and historic buildings, Lake Zurich and the pedestrian streets of the old town area are so romantic, along with chic boutiques, restaurants, museums, art galleries, concerts and other events, as well as a diverse and extremely active life night.




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