Lugano – Ticino – Switzerland. Refreshing and Serene. Enjoy!


Lugano is the largest city in Ticino canton, located in central Switzerland near the Italian border. Adorned with overwhelming beauty, lush vegetation, Mediterranean atmosphere and a mix of Italian and Swiss style, makes this city one of the most exclusive chic cities in Switzerland.

Lugano is a luxury unreachable to everyone, where prices can be peppered, but with the plans and reservations made in advance, nothing is unattainable.

I’ve thought about an accessible route, taking as a starting point: Milan, in Italy. From Milan, you may take the train – RailEurope, and you will reach Lugano in about 1 hour and a quarter, costing about 81 Euros / person roundtrip. Make sure you’ll book your accommodation in advance – up to 6 months, on specialized sites, where you will find great discounts, because hotels are expensive and very expensive.

Apart from the chic cosmopolitan town, with museums and attractions and the possibility to practice various water sports, Lugano is the third financial, banking and business center in Switzerland. Italian is spoken everywhere. Practically, Lugano is the largest Italian-speaking city, outside of Italy, but also English is used.

In this area we have emblematic scenery: mountains blend harmoniously with the sea, sunny climate is like a balm for the soul and body, Lombard style buildings, with their specific opulence, walkways with palm trees, which give the air of exoticism, cheerful people, first class Italian food and Swiss rigor.

The most visited places are: Parco Civico, San Lorenzo Cathedral, Church of Santa Maria degli Angioli, Hesse Montagnola Museum, Belvedere Gardens, Museo d’Arte, Monte Bre and Monte San Salvatore.

For a very special view, where you will admire the lake and mountains merging with the Italian border, take a walk up to Mount Bre, which is quite close to Lugano, and can be reached by funicular from Cassarate.

Ciani Civico Park overlooks the Ceresio Lake and is a marvelous greenly area, where walks are so relaxing and enjoyable.

We are in Switzerland, and in addition to the exceptional quality of Swiss watches, we are in the country where chocolate is the best and most widely consumed. For which, a visit to the chocolate museum/factory – Alprose, located about 10 km from Lugano, in Caslano – is certainly a ‘’must see & taste’’ for any chocolate lover. The factory-museum doesn’t offer too many exhibits as you probably expected, but you will try all sorts of chocolates, with cinnamon, pepper, liquor and other flavors. If you arrive during the week, you’ll be able to see how chocolate is made, so this process could be very interesting and exciting.

A sunset cruise…


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