Any idea if until now has been finalized?


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Ryugyong Hotel is clearly a wonder of mankind, unable to be completed not even today, although the building has been designed from the end of the 80s, following the construction in 1992 to be suddenly interrupted due to North Korea’s economic crisis and due the disappearance of the Soviet Union.

This hotel has been for 20 years, the highest hotel in the world; at least if it was opened in 1989, as it was expected! Basically, the 105-story Ryugyong Hotel stands in Pyongyang, North Korea and has 3,000 rooms.

The guys from  Esquire magazine have named this construction the ‘’ Hotel of Doom’’, given that this is an ugly building that swallow more than 2% of Korean GDP, since it has 360,000 square meters, and about 3,000 rooms, with 7 revolving restaurants, casinos,  nightclubs and Japanese lounges…

The outside look of the hotel looks somewhat ok, but the interior is lacking. Some huge rooms, I could tell halls, only cement and a strange atmosphere, sober, at least that I’ve seen and felt…


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