Xcaret Park Cancun Mexico – Exciting Paradise on Earth


Xcaret Park Cancun Mexico – Friends, today we swim with dolphins in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, we smell the orchids, while the Yucatan parrots will sit on our shoulders… we will taste quesadillas and then steps will take us to other wonders of this paradise park….

Only when you hear ”Mexico” you think of cultural attractions, civilization of thousands of years, the beauty of the Caribbean Sea and the nature which has been so generous, giving breathtaking landscapes.

Today, we walk through the Xcaret Park Cancun Mexico, located 60 km south of Cancun International Airport. All who have been here and all the sources I’ve read, written /said that this park is a real paradise on earth. Seeing the fabulous pictures and how bidder is this park, I completely agree!

On the official website, the online ticket price starts at $ 89.10 USD. The ticket gives you the opportunity to discover over 40 exciting attractions, all kinds of entertainment and not ultimately you will enjoy the splendid Riviera Maya.

Xcaret is primarily an eco archaeological park. You can visit the Jaguar Island, the Butterfly Pavilion, swim with dolphins, enjoy the traditional Fiesta Charra or look from 80 meters high, off the Scenic Tower, across marvellous Caribbean.

If you’re a nature lover, you have a lot to do here! First, Aviary is home to more than 44 species of tropical birds, where you will find a land so rich in colour and life, like Yucatan Parrot, macaws, the pijiji duck, the pink flamingo and others amazingly beautiful and interesting creatures!

Note that Xcaret was awarded by the Guinness World Record for the “largest number of the macaws born in the same facility in one year” – so you realize why this place is so loved by the whole world …is so unimaginably beautiful!

Bathe in a water paradise, where the Caribbean sea gives you turquoise clear water and …http://tripelonia.com/headline/xcaret-park-cancun-mexico/176





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