Discovering the craziest customs in INDIA


India fascinates you from the first moment. First ‘’hits’’ you with its poverty and precarious conditions of a young nation, and then attracts with its customs and traditions as well as the opulent part of India and its extremely fascinating nation.

Probably you wonder why I say you’ll be fascinated? Well … the simple fact that you will see everywhere plastic chairs …could be a reason :)) …Indians uses their imagination so ingeniously, in different purposes with different uses, so don’t be surprised if you will see in all corners and Indian houses, some plastic chairs…it’s a fancy thing! :))

If you come from a country where honking despairs you when you’re in traffic, find that here, things are totally different! Honking is encouraging and is a sign of respect to honk whenever you get the chance! Hahaha…weird but true!!! J That makes me think that if things stay like that in all countries, the level of anxiety would be diminishing 🙂 🙂 🙂

In India reading newspapers is a fact that…


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