Saint Flour – A Chic Village in France


Saint-Flour is a village in the Cantal department in the Auvergne region in south-central France, located about 225 km south of Paris.

Saint Flour is an ideal destination to relax, to see a flawless landscape, the bohemian charm of the buildings and streets and to taste the local delicacies, extremely delicious.

Beyond its overwhelming beauty, Saint Flour, shows the medieval part of France and the natural beauty of volcanic scenery, being perched on top of the Auvergne’s highest volcanic outcrops, thus offering an amazing view.

In Saint Flour, walks are one of the most beautiful activities, especially in summer, when there are a lot of festivals and the atmosphere is full of life.

Among the best dishes specific to the region are the delicious Cantal cheeses and the famous Bleu d’Auvergnethat, which can be found on Saturday morning at one of the market stalls that sell all kinds of goodies.

After a walk, you can visit The Cathedral of St. Pierre, who has the appearance of a fortress, made ​​of black basalt or Musee de la Haute-Auvergne, which is right next to the cathedral, and here you will see archaeological artefacts. If you are passionate about paintings, sculptures, tapestries and many other items that belong to this region, you can find them in Musée d’Art et d’Histoire Alfred Douët, that greets you with a Renaissance façade.

This small village is full of…


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