Sagano – The splendid Bamboo Forest of Kyoto, in Japan


Sanago Bamboo Forest is located in Kyoto, Japan, and is one of the most beautiful forests in Southeast Asia.

Sanago impresses with hundreds of tall bamboo trees, reaching over 45 meters and also with its mystical legends that dominate this forest, full of life and harmony, emanating a feeling of relaxation and inner peace.

Imagine a long alley, neither too narrow nor too wide, accomplished by a natural freshness, painted in a soothing green, embodied by  bamboo trees, so  elegant and fragile, symbolizing eternity in Chinese belief.

Here everything is perfectly aligned and seems to be in perfect harmony, resonating to the fullest level. The forest has an incredibly soothing effect, offering a unique sensation that can be perceived as like being in complete union with the whole universe.

These bamboo trees, in combination with the wind, are forming a similar effect as the musical sounds, creating a magnificent sound effect, which is why the Japanese government put bamboo forest sounds on the list of other hundred protected national attractions.

Bamboo has the colour of jade and according to Feng – Shui, bamboo brings prosperity and more importantly, bamboo has the wisdom to understand and to exude positive energy, with scientifically proven therapeutic effect for the mind and soul.

Bamboo is considered also the symbol of luck, because in him are found all the 5 elements of Feng- Shui: Wood (bamboo enrol himself in this category), Earth (bamboo grows in the ground), Water (in water Bamboo feels great), Fire (because it is recommended to be placed in a red bowl), and Metal (the material from which is made the bowl where the bamboo is placed).

What could be more beautiful than a walk in the Segano Bamboo Forest that offers the uniqueness and perfection of the moment?

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