Top 15 Fascinating attractions in Alaska


1.    Alaska is the only U.S. state which borders with no another state, being the only one in the continental states of the Union whose capital cannot be accessed by land and is accessible only by water and air.

2.   Alaska’s state capital is Juneau, situated at the foot of Juneau Mountain. The main attraction of the city is the Mendenhall Glacier.

3.  Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city, and also its cultural and commercial capital, is a modern city, a centre of arts, entertainment and sports. Here, the most attractive landmark is the Museum of Alaska University, located somewhere on campus, with its building bearing traces of all animal species that have disappeared over time, but have retained the imprint on ice. Curves also abound and the giant windows built after the form of some huge eyelids, offers a unique view of Mount McKinley.

4.    Fairbanks is located only a few kilometres from Anchorage and looks like an ice cube where all the buildings look like small glaciers. The paradox is that although it is a frozen city, is called the ‘’heart of gold’’, due to the fact that this was once the beginning of the route for gold seekers, famous for gold mines in the region…

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