The Pacific Garbage Patch


As the title reveals, in a certain part of the Pacific, there is a huge portion of plastic waste, and other harmful wastes which are practically called  ‘’the garbage dump’’.

 Here, there is an area of slow moving sea currents called the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre. The Junkyard of the Pacific is known also as the ‘’Pacific Trash Vortex’’, and is the result of deposition for decades of products mainly of plastic, chemical sludge, and other debris that have been trapped in the currents of the Pacific, having an impressive diameter of over 2500 km. In recent years it has become “a subject” to various specialists and various environmental organizations such as Greenpeace.

Most of the specialists estimate that pile of trash is higher than Texas, and some even say that it would be larger than the USA. The northern Pacific area where appeared the “plastic island” is considered an “oceanic desert” where live only a few large marine mammals and some fish species.

This problem is worldwide, being particularly serious. Not only expanding plastic mass is harmful to the environment, but also that all the living species in the ocean are affected by the damaging effects of the large mass of trash, the water itself being contaminated, and then human being is also affected in the same manner.

It’s all about education and especially human consciousness. The researchers concluded that it is useless to begin the process of cleaning the ocean, because it would be a failed initiative, considering that people throw constantly trash into the ocean, forgetting the harmful effects that reflect in the environment and human health.


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