Park Guell – Spain – Barcelona – Fantasy and exuberance


Park Guell is the work of Antoni Gaudi, who left his mark in a remarkable way. Situated in Barcelona, Spain, Park Guell is part of UNESCO Heritage Site and has rich vegetation and sinuous alleys with stone viaduct forms inspired by nature and wavy construction shapes, covered with ceramic. The walking is fantastic because you will have the opportunity to see unusual sculptures and colorful mosaics. Also in the park you can stop at different terraces with breathtaking views.

The park is located on Camel Hill offering splendid views of the city, it was originally planned to be a suburban garden city but only two houses were completed before being turned into a public park for recreation.

The park is located on Carrer Olot no. 7 and you can get there by subway – station Lesseps – or 24 bus from Placa de Catalunya (19 stations)

Pink fairy house, which is at the entrance to the park, was once Gaudi’s property and of his niece, but now is a museum containing furniture designed by Gaudi, decors, drawings and portraits of the architect.

The fairy house can be explored inside and has two-storey shop offering for sale albums, postcards, travel guides, jewelry and many other small things.

The most important point of the park is the main terrace, surrounded by a long bench in the form of a sea serpent. Bank curves formed several enclaves, creating a more social atmosphere. Gaudi combined motifs of Catalan nationalism with religious mysticism.


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