Manarola…a colorful paradise of Italy


Today is a day dedicated to Italy, and especially to a special place, perhaps positioned where imagination has no limits. This city, called Manarola, is located on the rocks, showing a fascinating design.

Located in Liguria, Manarola is definitely one of the best positioned cities in Italy, so old, that it is hard to say, although they found notes about the wine production made here. Everything I can say is that Manarola is a jewel of city that delights your eyes and soul.

Manarola is the smallest of the cities that forms the Cinque Terre and is believed to be the oldest of them. Besides the wine industry, in Manarola is developed also the tourism, being one of the most appreciate and loved holiday destinations. The buildings are colorful and make the city very attractive with its hills covered with grape vines.

The beautiful Manarola is full of small streets and grocery arranged as if it were a feast, giving you the impression that each day spent here is festive, carnival, joy and color. The main road will show you the sea, strikingly beautiful, with little houses extremely cramped, creating a harmony which completes the landscape.

You will see orange & lemon trees, fascinating vegetation, oddly enough, given the fact that we are talking about a rocky area. The air is clean, you feel like you have the mountains near you and the sea breeze energizes you and invites you to a siesta. They say that here came often the painter Renato Borolli, one of the most important Italian painters of the twentieth century, conquered by the natural beauty of this corner of paradise, bathed by the Ligurian Sea.

In Manarola can start a beautiful story, being a place impossible to describe in words, where the emotion is constantly present, where each step leads you to a multitude of experiences and sights that remind you that you have not lived in vain…This is Manarola.




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