Hanging out in Bogota


The capital of Colombia, Bogota is located in the Andes Mountains, being the one of the largest urban areas in the world and also the largest city in Colombia. Located at an altitude of 2,625 meters, Bogota is one of the highest capital cities.

Bogota is a futuristic city in terms of architecture, museums and churches considered true works of art but also a controversial location, not a safe country, with plenty of beggars and smugglers.

The city is distinguished by its colorful atmosphere, its chaotic streets and by its contrasts caused by the mixture of skyscrapers and colonial buildings. The central area is the oldest part of the city and most attractive historically tourist spot. With many universities and libraries, Bogotá has been called the “Athens of Latin America”.

Among the main attractions in Bogota:

  • Plaza de Bolivar, the main square of the capital, where can be seen the cathedral, built in the late sixteenth century, or the Gold Museum – Museo del Oro, perhaps the most interesting of Bogota.
  • Plaza de Santander is one of the most vivid and picturesque squares in Bogota, located in front of the museum Del Oro.
  • Santa Barbara Church is a church dating from the colonial period, where you can admire paintings by Greforio Vasquez Arce.
  • Torre Colpatria is a building of 50 floors, the tallest tower in Columbia. It was built in 1978 and it houses offices, banks, and on top of it is the Coffee Company and Torre Copatria, which is the observation point that offers a wonderful view.
  • Muzeo Arqueologico, with its collection of pre-Columbian pottery and artifacts.
  • Galleria de La Palette is a small art gallery dedicated to exhibitions of young Columbian artists but also houses works by foreign artists.
  • The Museo Botero features a wider array of Latin artists.
  • The Salt Cathedral is about an hour outside of the city, in the town of Zipaquira and the cathedral was carved within a salt mine.
  • La Candelaria or the Old Town is full of history, where are the main attractions, among which Casa de Moneda, Emerald Museum, Gold Museum, Museum of Colonial Art, Banco de la Republica Art Collection ( Museo Botero).

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