Braga, a lovely destination for Easter


Braga is a city in northeastern Portugal, in the province of Minho, being one of the largest and oldest cities.

 In Braga is good to come in Easter week, when processions are among the most spectacular in Portugal. Braga is famous for its many churches but also for Braga Cathedral, which is the most important historical place of the city.

You can visit: Casa dos Crivos, the Church of Santa Cruz (XVI-XVIII centuries), Se Cathedral (XII-XVIII) Hall (sec. XVIII), Archbishop’s Palace (XIV -XVIII), Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, Staircase (XVIII century), Monastery Tibaes and Viana do Castelo.

Among the most interesting and challenging experiences when you get in Braga, is Bom Jesus, which is a sanctuary, with a very elaborate design, which is only 5 kilometers from the center and is a Baroque masterpiece. Here, the tourists and pilgrims climb a breathtaking way, along a granite double staircase flanked by chapels, grottos and fountains hermits…so the view from above is absolutely fabulous.

Do not miss the “Career”, which is considered one of the most beautiful stadiums in the world, a beautiful arena carved into the rock of a former stone quarry.

Stylish, very clean, Braga greets you with some of its old buildings renovated, flowers, tiny parks, orange blossom and flags in the windows. You will enjoy some of the specific dishes from Braga, as potatoes and cabbage soup, bread made ​​of corn, grilled pork, cod, octopus and trout, rice with chicken “ppica no chao” and rice with duck.

Local sweets are famous in Portugal for products like pudding “Abadia de Prisco”, the sweets of pilgrims or fidalguinhos – dry biscuits for tea. Famous, is also the green wine, named so because of the greenly areas where the vineyards are and also for its slightly sour taste.

The best bars and clubs are between Avenida Central and Praça da República market, Braga being also a university city, where students love the lively nightlife.

Braga enjoys a very pleasant climate, in the summer temperatures are around 25-30 degrees Celsius, and in winter, weather is rainy with temperatures around 10 to 15 degrees Celsius….


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